Sunday, June 19, 2005

Several Ways to Earn God's Rewards - Chuck Obremski

Notes from Chuck Obremski's sermon 5/19/05:

If we are absolutely convinced that things will happen as the Bible states shouldn't that change/effect how we live? If we truly believe in hell...wouldn't one repent and receive Jesus to avoid a future eternal judgment? Shouldn't it also convince us to share the message of God's salvation with the unsaved? Kind of like warning others when there is a bridge out on the road ahead. Certainty of future events, future secure, abundant life and peace with God now. Why not receive Jesus today?

As Christians we will be judged at the judgment seat of Christ. If you know you will have a test in the future, when would you start to study? Our problem is...we don't know the date of our death...and when we will face the upcoming judgment.

* Committed to be excellent today!
* Consistently...Over Time!
* Don't put it off to tomorrow, next week or next year!

God has revealed unto us a reservoir of knowledge to tap into. Thoughts of rewards encourage us today when we are tired and overwhelmed. Frazzled and downcast? God will reward us one day in the future. Rewards provide encouragement to help others. What will Jesus be looking for to reward us? God determines what behavior He will reward...just as he determines the way of salvation.

1. By exercising HOSPITALITY with an attitude pleasing to God. (Matt 24:35-46)

Hospitality with an attitude pleasing to God. Hospitality = Entertaining Strangers. Do not look for anything in it. Do the right thing...because it's the right thing. It's all about the Lord, not about myself. Not done under compulsion, but voluntarily. Not to be seen. Don't serve with bitterness and a bad attitude. God will put a burden on the right person's heart.

2. By ASSISTING people who represent the Kingdom of God. (Matt 10:40-42)

Are you committed to help those who are out sharing the gospel? You will receive the same rewards as those in meeting their needs (1 Kings 17).

3. By GIVING yourself or your material resources without seeking the attention of others. (Matt 6:1-4)

Give of ourselves and our resources. We will all give an account on the day of judgment.

4. By PRAYING to God without anyone else hearing. (Matt 6:5-6)

Pray...not to be a pubic display. Pray to be pleasing to God and be
praised by Him.

5. By FASTING before God without anyone else knowing. (Matt 6:16-17)

Set all the time connected with eating (preparing the food, cooking, eating and clean up)...set it aside for God. Keep it private before God. If we do seek to be seen by men, that will be our only reward. We will be rewarded by Him whose praise we seek.

God knows when we should have been rewarded and others got the credit. Blessed are those who have many secrets with God.

6. By TRANSFERRING assets from earth to heaven. (Matt 19-21)

Transferring our rewards to heaven. Money is the litmus test of our loyalty. If we can't be trusted with money here, we won't have the future reward.

Do you love God more than you love money? Are you a generous and happy giver?

Be generous towards God, not yourself.

7. By JOYFULLY accepting injustice for Christ's sake. (Matt 5:11-12)

Suffering injustice for God's sake. If you are persecuted for Jesus sake you will be rewarded in due season. Not always will we be rewarded in this life for doing the right thing. Don't expect the world to stand back and applaud you.

8. By pleasing God with your performance at WORK. (Col 3:22-24)

Good performance at work is an opportunity to earn eternal rewards. By being excellent, the best you can be, God does and will reward.

Make sure that they don't like you because you are a Christian. Not because you are sinning and doing evil. Set the standard and be excellent. You may be the only Christian they meet. No personal business on company time.

9. By LOVING the unlovable (Luke 6:32-35)

Loving the unlovable. Devine love is dependant on the lover, not on the one who is loved. You will be rewarded in the future. Demonstrated the love of Christ.

10. By SERVING God as a leader in His church. (1 Peter 5:1-4)

Those who serve God will be rewarded and endure poor treatment. Rewards are coming one day.

Charles H. Spurgeon "It is our duty and our privilege to exhaust our lives for Jesus."

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