Saturday, June 18, 2005

Reflections on God & Sin

A couple of reflections on God and sin...following my visit to Las Vegas.

If the sin that I witnessed so blatantly displayed bothered me (a sinful human being) does God feel when he sees it? A Holy, Righteous, Sinless God. One who hates sins...but loved us so very much he was willing to accept and pay the penalty on our behalf.

After believing in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior...being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit...a Christian can never really see sin again the same light. That why it's not funny, it's not something that I should knowingly and willingly be engaged in or approve of...or even be neutral about. It breaks my heart to see people living in a sinful unrepentant state...because I know of the high price that Jesus paid on that cross for that sin.

When I think of the agony he endured...on my behalf I see my sins as bringing that pain and agony upon Jesus.

Do I have that heart of God as I gaze upon a sinner? Do I feel the love that Jesus much so that he was willing to offer himself a sacrifice for my sin?

My goodness...I have so very far to go.

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