Monday, June 06, 2005

Dan Rather and the Peabody Award - Poem by Tarzana Joe

For your reading enjoyment...below is poem by Tarzana Joe...Poet Laureate of the Hugh Hewitt show. When I heard this I couldn't help but laugh at this humorous spin on the insanity of the main stream media. I highly recommend Tarzana Joe's website...for those of you who love poetry...or on occasion fancy improving yourself. Tarzana Joe is a very gracious and humble man...and I thank him for sharing this terrific poem. Enjoy!

There’s an item in the news that can’t be ignored This week, Dan Rather won the Peabody Award An award give for—saints preserve us! Distinguished achievement and meritorious service And they gave another to Mary Mapes If you don’t believe it, I have the tapes

Now you may think it quite egregious
That those two should win a prize so prestigious But perhaps no reputation should have to break On the rocks of one small


Ignore that by such thinking it would be a fact Hitler earned a Nobel for the Munich Pact And it should not matter that (curiously after reading the "Song of Roland") He changed his mind and invaded Poland. And by the same token, it’s sheer affrontery That Benedict Arnold’s not on the Three Dollar Bill For his service to this country.

So lest you think this is pure infernalism I’ll explain their contribution to worldwide journalism
Any old scribblers can sit on the benches And scores of reporters toil in the trenches But there are some things only genius can do Only genius can conjure up something new

And the MSM, as it’s been branded
Was in desperate need of a new standard
A way to report whatever they want to
Thank you, Dan…
Thank you, Mary for
"Inaccurate, but true."

Pity the soul of poor George Foster Peabody Nowadays, they’ll give his plaque to just about anybody Well, things can get better and we shall see… Perhaps next year, they’ll give one to me!
But ‘till then, here’s a truth that can’t be brooked Today, it’s an honor just to be overlooked.

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