Wednesday, June 22, 2005

God's Will

Have you ever had a decision to make...and didn't know which way to go? You prayed and sought guidance from God as to the course you should take. Well I'd like to be one that could say that each time...God gives me that clear understanding and picture of what I should do. However I would be lying if I said that.

During BSF one year when studying the Life of Moses...some of us commented on how nice it would be to have that cloud by day and fire by night to follow and make the path clear. Our teaching leader pointed out that while that sounds desirable...we are much better with the Word of God, the Holy Spirit within us and guidance from a multitude of counselors.

The Jews when going through the desert were subject to moving and staying whenever the cloud or fire moved. Perhaps they were tired and wanted to stay a while...but God said otherwise. Or maybe...they were anxious to be on their way...and God chose to have them remain a while longer. After hearing that I realized that perhaps we do have the better thing now.

However...I'm in the midst of a decision. Not sure which way to go. I'm anxious to just act...but history tells me the direction I'm thinking about moving would not be a good move. Seeing others in similar circumstances...tells me to wait. And I know my never one to act quickly. He does act suddenly at times...but is never in a rush to make a decision and act quickly.

So...I guess I must wait...unless of course God brings a sudden revelation as to what I should do.

Just a side note...I do give thanks and praise for Stand to Reason and their teaching series on Decision Making and the Will of God. It was a huge relief to realize that I was not alone in not receiving personal direct revelation from God. It has helped me to use those resource that God has already made available when making decision.

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